DO  YOU WANT TO  creat your own baby swimming business?

Teaching Babies to swim is one of the most rewarding career paths you could choose. With the ever increasing numbers of babies born and an awareness of the need for water confidence and safety, it is a market that is growing every day.

The baby products and services market is often described as “gold” and through our own experience, we have seen a huge increase globally in the demand for baby swimming courses in the last few years.

Our business franchises are designed so that you can start and operate the International baby swimming system range of programs immediately upon completion of our unique training.


We streamline the process to ensure a speedy and easy path to your success.Additionally we are first and only  International franchising (Baby Swimming) experience and the ability to train and support franchisees worldwide.

One of the core elements of our business is creating or discovering what works and sharing it with our franchise networks. Many of our existing franchisees have stayed with us for years because we have provided them with the information and detail that keeps them several strides ahead of their competitors.Our ultimate aim is to expand baby & toddler swimming to every country in the World

TO inspire people to own a tried and tested successful baby and toddler swimming company. By joining International Franchise family operated by a well known trusted brand. We envision expanding our Premium international Family Concepts to as many countries as possible in order to provide programs that parents, children and teachers benefit  from