Alexandra gersimova

🌐Kazakhstan 🌐🇰🇿

🌐 joining with us  as swimming coach for children  all ages  0+ 👼 trained according to the International association of early and infant baby Swimming .👌 More than 4 years experience as a swimming trainer for children,🏆🥇lets hear A very interesting story about how coach Alexandra at one point left her school teacher career and became 👼a baby swimming coach:👇“2017 turned our lives upside down🤷‍♂️ School work drove me crazy.🙄 No matter how much I loved my profession, all these - lesson lessons, competitions, endless reports, checks, renewal, kundelic - sucked all my energy.  Every day I came home annoyed, honestly, it was terrible🤨  At what moment I realized: I can't do this anymore!  And once again coming home from work, i told my husband: either we are changing our lives, or I will divorce !  By the way, my husband was constantly on flights 😍 and my children and I rushed between town and country.  In short, that was still horror ... But as they say, when there is a desire, you can get a star from the sky🌐 All questions somehow resolved by themselves, in just a couple of months.🥳 I will not hide, I was more worried about my work, as I firmly knew - no, no to school!  And to go as a seller, having a higher education and 12 years of teaching experience, somehow did not inspire.🎈 And then, unexpectedly, a very interesting offer came in -🥇 to try myself as an infant swimming instructor.🏆 I agreed without even thinking whether I was confident in myself or all the same my mood to change everything played and the door  opend to a new life all is with kids and with love .

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