Brazhnikova Oksana


🥇I'm  trainer for children of any age 0 + according to  International Association of Early and infant baby swimming 🎗Almost all my childhood and youth I lived in the north in the city of Beloyarsk, Khanty-Mansiysk district👼.i started swimming early at the age of 4 (although by today's standards it is not too early).🥇 From the 3rd grade, I began to engage in swimming in the section (it was this year that the first pool was built in our city and I ran there to enroll in the first rows). 👌And that's how a long sports life began!  I swam to the first sports category, and I wanted to be a CMS or MS, but what difference does it make, the main thing is that the sport hardened the character and body (the training was no joke, twice a day, from the 5th grade I had to get up at 5:15 to catch  to the first training session, and then to school by 8:00! After leaving school,🎗 I really wanted to enter the Tyumen State University at the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports, 🤷‍♂️but I entered there only two years after graduating with honors from the Shadrinsky Technical School in Physical Culture and Sports.  pecialists in working with disabled children was built in the Technical School. We young students could work out and consolidate their knowledge immediately in practice. In those years I worked in a boarding school with visually impaired children, 👌 taught them exercise therapy lessons with its own specifics directly for visually impaired children. Also even then she began to train children in the pool on a shallow  water🏅  And I finished massage courses, also on the basis of our wonderful technical school (now it is a college). 🏆When I moved to Tyumen and entered TSU, I continued my career in the Nadezhda rehabilitation center and worked half a day after school.  My knowledge and skills obtained earlier helped me a lot,👌My knowledge and skills obtained earlier helped me a lot to be professional trainer Now Im working in Zhemchuzhinka.

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