Khaled Nadi Saeed Kaseem

certificate number (T200)🌐Egypt 🌐 🇪🇬

joining with us  as swimming coach for children  all ages  0+ 👼 trained according to the🌐 International association of early and infant baby Swimming ...
founder of academy Russian baby swimming academy 👌👍

 a Bachelor of Mathematical Education with a very good degree with honors

🌐.. Holds a swimming teacher certificate, rescue and first aid from the Egyptian Federation for Diving and Rescue

 🌐 He holds a certificate in dealing with children and those with tasks and capabilities from the Ministry of Youth and Sports

 🌐Experience from 2019 in swimming training and working in several clubs, Al-Ahly and Wadi Degla

 🌐 Experience from 2018 in maritime rescue and work in many tourist places and sports clubs

special course for newborn children from the Russian Happy SWIMING Academy

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