Mahmoud Galal
Instructor Trainers

Certificate number T / 205

K/ Mahmoud Galal

from Egypt 🌐 🇪🇬joining with us as trainer's instructor as he completed our 2 level courses

as swimming coach for children all ages 0+ 👼 and trainer's instructor , trained according to the🌐 International association of early and infant baby swimming

He has Master's degree in physical education

Entitled (obstacles to practicing swimming in Qalyubia Governorate)

•• Trainer and lifeguard at the Egyptian Diving and Rescue Federation

•• Coach and referee for the Egyptian Athletics Federation

•• Personal trainer in the gymnasium, the Syndicate of Sports Professions, sponsored by (Samia Allouba)

•• first aid course

•• Injury and sports massage course

Experience in the field of training and teaching swimming, rescue and the art of dealing with children since 2005 until now

# Worked as a swimming coach and lifeguard in more than one place

•• Al-Zaher Sports Club

•• Al-Rehab Sports Club

•• Marina Wadi Degla village in Ain Sokhna

•• Benha Sports Stadium

Ocean Aquatics Academy••

•• Heliolido Sports Club

# Arbitration of republican and club championships in athletics

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