🌐🌐 I am Marina from Ukraine this year I will be 29!  It's my daughter with me on the photo,🥇I'm  trainer for children of any age 0 + according to  International Association of Early and infant baby swimming 🏅  I graduated from the National University of Physical Memory and Sports of Ukraine, Kiev in 2010. 🏅 In June 2015, I came to Astana🇰🇿 for the first time and stayed.  3 🏅 lived in Georgia + and Turkey, now Kazakhstani will still have new countries ahead. ... 🏅 I was engaged in track and field athletics (running 800m) mountain tourism, I hope rock climbing a little mountaineering and a lot of snowboarding 🏅I have 3 intervertebral hernias and a lot of protrusions, you can easily live with this 🏅I was a supervisor in a swimming pool in Kiev. 🏅 I love my profession and work very much. 🏅 I believe in friendship at a distance. 

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