🌐PAKISTAN 🌐🇵🇰living in china 🇨🇳

🌐 I'm  from Pakistan and I'm living in china 🇨🇳 i have PhD sports training and coaching, from (china national swimming college)ASCA level  4 and (american swimming coaching association)and infant swimming coaching ASCTA , and  I have bronze swimming licence from swim australia,  I'm a trainer for children all ages 0+  and I trained  according to the International association of early and infant  Swimming , I have nutrition exercise and sport from WAGENINGEN university of research netherland ,  i have exercise science certification from university of colorado USA , I have ten years experience in navy candian international school beijing, Im HEAD of coaches  HAPPY FAMILYK SWIMMING CLUB beijing,  Currently I'm  doing research on swimming in CHINA NATIONAL swimming college , and  my youngest child  i taught was 4 weeks age 

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