Sabadashova-Androsova Dominika Alekseevna

🌐Russia 🌐🇷🇺certificate No : T/305

  Do you know Dominika?  Yes?  Yes?  That's great!  Haven't heard of her?  Let's get acquainted soon!  We give Lida our heart in the form of a like!  @ Dominika graduated from Southern Federal University.  Specialization: Physical culture.  2ba 9 Additional education: Theory and Practicе course on breastfeeding and preschool swimming.  repeatedly won prizes in kayaking and canoe rowing competitions!  universal coach.  Swimming masterly with breastfeeding.  Prforms competently aquagimnastics.  Love swimming with early age children and preschoolers.  Excellent teaching sports styles Technically very horseshoе.  Discipline special place.  Everything works out to small things.  Cause Lida herself is in sports all her life, she knows how to properly distribute the load, place accents.  and pampering place only at the end of class and those who did a good job.  G dear parents whose children lack discipline and organization .

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