Instructor Trainer

Syria / Saudi Arabia Certificate No T/342

YAMEN MOHAMAD ALMOHANA Nationality: Syrian Arab Republic Born: 3/12/1988 Secondary qualifications. 1. : Black belt / 3 / Dan International Taekwondo from South Korea 2. : A course in medicine and sports injuries, the Sports Federation in Syria 3. : Rescue course for sailors and swimming pools of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent 4. For disaster response from the Syrian Red Crescent 5. : First aid certificate of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent 6. : Participation in tracing and restoring family links from the Geneva High International Committee 7. : Taekwondo coach for (5) years in the General Sports Federation in Syria 8. : Fitness coach in the Sports Federation 9. : Rescue of a sailor, swimming pools, and experience in teaching swimming 10. : in massage and sports injuries 11. : I worked in the Syrian National Hospital for Physiotherapy 12. : I worked in the municipal stadium, the Department of Physiotherapy and Ambulance, Syria 13. : I worked in private clubs, Champions of Strength Club 14. : Physical Education Instructor and Close Fighting Armed Forces Officers Club in Riyadh 15. : Trainer at the Asian Self-Defense Center 16. : Trainer at Smart Swim Academy 17. : trainer at the whale academy 18. : Coach at Star Swimming Academy 19. Awarded the best coach with distinction in Jeddah, the Smart Sports Sports Foundation